Stop trying to make me do things.

I'm trying to write my thesis.

So please, do not drag me to your shenanigans.

Like making these rad rolling papers.

Or ask me to develop a method for brain imaging using radioactive sugar, which is now featured on the used device manufacturers website and in educational books for physicists.

Or doing MSPaint.exe live performance collab to your experimental shower and washing machine
drone music composition.

Or publishing a series of articles as spicy as Sichuan cuisine in a top newspaper of the country, evoking the anger of the indoctrinated, which I had the pleasure to face in a six-month-long battle for the truth and freedom of speech.

Or publishing dank Bob Ross sea monsters
in books about psychedelics and art.

Or holding a lecture(?) on the main stage of a music festival.


for the sake of all things nice,

DO NOT contact me through any of the following platforms: